In the field of metallurgy EUCOM is present both in the domestic and foreign market. It should be noted placment product of RTB BOR and Rolling Copper Mill on the Romanian market

EUCOM ltd offers a wide range of products in the field of metallurgy:

Copper products:

  • Copper wire Ø8mm; Ø12mm;Ø14mm;Ø16mm produced DIP FORMING method, conductivity 58 simensa

  • Profile copper wire ( non insulated) cross section to 124,6 mm² ,depending on the quality of the tensile strength values  : state of F20; F25; F30.

  • Round copper wire of oxygen free copper EB2Cu in hard and soft state from 0.03 to 3.5 mm

  • Enameled wire insulated varnish based on polyester , polyamide silk and impregnation varnish.

  • Copper pipe sizes from Ø6 to Ø22 x1mm and   from Ø 28 to Ø76 x 1,5 mm

  • Copper sheet and copper strips of thickness 0,5 mm and 0,55 mm

  • Installation cables and conductors.


Brass products:

  • Brass logs  Ø80 mm

  • Brass tapes

  • Brass tubes



EUCOM ltd representing company FORTUS from Romania  in the area of the former Yugoslavia, who manufactures equipment and parts for the mining industry, cement industry, metallurgy, energy, shipbuilding as well as for other specific purposes, wherever it is necessary to decant and recycle large pieces of equipment up to 125 tons of molten and metal parts up to 42 tons.

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